Monday, January 6, 2014

A little update

I probably don't have any followers anymore and those who want to know already know.  But the new year inspires me to write -- a lost form in our fast "texting" world.  On a side note I do refuse to text for as long as technologically possible.  My cell phone only makes and answers phone calls, which is all I need it to do.  And don't get me started on Facebook... we're not friends in the real world because of obvious reasons.  Why would I want "those" people to reconnect with me in a fantasy online world and pretend nothing has changed?  Guess what it has... Whew, got that out.

So, it's been about three years since my last post.  So much has changed in our lives, and I just keep plugging along.  Most importantly, last summer I earned my Master's in Education.  Perhaps that is why I didn't feel much like posting in the last couple years. My courses were online through a state college and all I did was respond to message boards and type papers along with reflections.  It was a challenging task as I also worked full time as a 4K teacher and balanced family life.  This summer we moved to another part of the state.  A part that we haven't lived in yet.  A good move.  My husband is furthering his career and I'm in search of the "perfect" job.  I'm still working as a 4K teacher, but have greater plans.  Time will help that.  We just moved into our newly built home days ago and wow, I hope we stay put for a little while.

As far cooking -- I highly, highly  recommend The Complete Cook's Country TV Show Cookbook. So far (since Christmas) I've made Fish Sticks, Pizza and Manicotti.  Next on the list is beef roast today.  The books is laid out nicely with most recipes on one or two pages, making it easy to read.  America's  Test Kitchen is known for it's lengthy and timely recipes, and personally I like to read the recipe on one page instead of flipping around.  Plus the recipes give you these "ahhh" moments -- why didn't I think of that?

More to come this year as I am so inspired.  Let me know what topics you like to read about!


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