Monday, August 23, 2010

Again Sorry -- freezer cooking tips

I'm still trying to figure out how to blog now that I'm working full time.  But as promised last week, I wanted to share that breading eggplant, baking and then freezing it works!

Another tip:  I boiled some Farmer's Market potatoes (enough for two meals) on Sunday for about 20 minutes.  Then put them in the refrigerator. Tonight I made my scalloped potatoes and ham and it save me tons of time.  I pre-sliced the ones for the scalloped potatoes and boiled the rest in halves to mash later in the week with meatloaf (which is frozen).

Also, I bought a grocery bag full of corn on the cob for $5 at our local corn fest this weekend.  I had a total of 29 ears.  We ate five ears and I froze more than 18 cups for future use.  To freeze corn on the cob I follow these steps:
1.  Boil corn for 7 minutes in pot of water with 1 Tbsp sugar.
2.  Let corn cool.  Then use a sharp knife and stand corn on end in a bundt pan.
3.  Take corn off cob with sharp knife
4. Freeze in freezer bags in portion sizes that work for you.  I freeze mine with our Foodsaver and in 1-cup and 2-cup portion sizes.   There's nothing like having that corn on the cob flavor in the dead of winter.

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