Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A turkey craft and an Octopus craft

Here are a couple of toddler activities. Feel free to adapt them to older kids!

Turkey with feathers

Materials: Feathers, turkey pattern
1. Cut out pattern and trace on brown paper (or feed brown paper in printer)
2. Let child pick out 10 feathers.
3. Have child show you where to glue the feathers.

**Glue tip: I put some elmers glue on a paper plate. I use a small paint brush to brush the glue onto the paper.**

Sometimes it can be overkill on the holiday crafts. The other day we were talking about an "octopus" in a book and I remembered this craft I saw once at a Early Childhood Conference a few years ago.

Materials: Octopus pattern, hole reinforcement stickers
1. Trace pattern onto purple paper (or feed purple paper in printer). I had to enlarge it a little for the size I wanted.
2. Give child hole sticker and allow them to stick it on the octopus.

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