Monday, March 8, 2010

Fun Napkins

We are not (I repeat, not) a paper-free kitchen family.  Our daughter has food allergies and the risk is too high to not use paper towels, napkins or paper plates.  For a long time I was feeding snacks with half of a paper plate.  That got a little wasteful and expensive.  Now, I will use napkins instead, unless it's yogurt or something messy.  I have found that after the holidays that decorative napkins go on sale very cheap.  After Valentine's Day, I found several at different stores for just a quarter each for a pack of 20 or more napkins.  Hearts are good year round and make snack time a little fun, too.  I also bought disposable heart plates for 37 cents for a pack of 10 at Wal-Mart for our little one's birthday, which is in August.  I spent just under $1.50 for 40 plates.

I would be willing to bet there will be some nice flowers and spring-type napkins available after Easter.

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