Thursday, March 18, 2010

Slow again this week

It's been a week of daylight savings, a new gymnastics class, storytime and oh my goodness awesome weather. Not to mention a little leprechaun came to visit and played some tricks on us yesterday.  I've been behind not only in blogging, but with housework, too.  But it's been no jacket weather and when you live in snowy, cold Wisconsin you have to take advantage of it in March.  It's pretty rare to get such nice temperatures and we've been spending hours outside in between everything else.  They are predicitng snow in a couple days, so gotta get outside.

In the meantime, I remind you that going to the park is free and a great time for kids.

Also, I read this blog, Fed up with School Lunches last night. It chronicles a teacher who is eating school lunches while making her observations about nutrition and taste.   It's a very fair blog and she has some really interesting observations.  You must take a read through it and send her a comment to show her support.

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