Sunday, March 14, 2010

My latest plan

After our last move (4 in 2 years), I unpacked as quickly as I could.  But I did just put things in closets and drawers with the intent of reorganizing later.  Not messy or anything.  I just knew it might not be a permanent spot. That organization began last week.  In order to make the task lest daunting, I have made a schedule of one or two rooms to evaluate, reorganize and deep clean a week.  This way I can get to it when I can without it consuming my days.  I figure if I can devote even 20 minutes a day and finish by the end of the week, it will be much easier to accomplish.  We spend a lot of time away from home and the afternoons are devoted to quiet time.

My cleaning schedule looks like this:

Week 1: Master Bath, Second Bath and Linen closets -- clean shower curtain, organize drawers, etc
Week 2: Spare bedroom/craft room/office-- organize craft ideas, coupons, file bills, etc
Week 3: Daughter's bedroom - outgrown clothes, toys, closet, etc.
Week 4: Kitchen/Master Bedroom -- clean pantry, reorganize drawers, donate clothes
Week 5: Basement -- whatever can get done until we finish it
Week 6: Living Room

I figure this can be a regular schedule rotating schedule.  Maybe all the re-organizing won't need to be done each time, but the extra cleaning will be needed.  The main reason I started this is to fit something extra into the day-to-day tasks of cleaning and cooking.  Also, with summer coming we will be spending much of our time outdoors and the last thing I want to do when I'm inside is trying to figure out how to stay on top of the clutter.

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Annie Harbert said...

I have done the same thing as you. Since we are expecting baby #3 in only two more weeks, I knew I had to get things in order around here. I didn't make a weekly list like you rather I just took a section of the house each day and worked on it. For example, I cleaned out the upstairs linen closet; washing the sheets and comforters, throwing out old medicines, and stocking the toilet papers and stacking towels. That way I could get at least something done each day til the baby comes.


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