Monday, February 22, 2010

Reading Blogs

Okay, maybe I'm just behind the technology, but I just found an easy way to read blogs without clicking a hundred times.  It started out with me wondering how many subscribers I had.  I subscribed to my own blogs in Google Reader. By showing details I could see how many subscribers I have.

Then I realized that if I put all the links to all the blogs I read every day, I could check all my blogs with one click.  Talk about time saving.  I love reading blogs and several blog authors update throughout the day. You just don't want to miss anything, right?  Now I can just check my blogs in minutes and step away from the computer.
I hadn't subscribed before because I had some misconceptions.
1) I thought subscribing would saturate my e-mail, and I just didn't want a million e-mails a day.  I get enough garbage and sometimes I miss things that go to spam. No e-mail involved at all
2) I thought it was really hard to set up and time consuming to do.  So easy-- see steps below.
3) I didn't think I would be able to click links.  You can see the blog as it appears on the website.  Comments aren't viewed or Mr. Linky.  But that's not an issue because you can just click on the blog title and be taken to the "actual" blog. 
 4) I thought I might miss something.  Just the opposite happens.  I catch everything and those posts that I could care less about I sift through even faster. 
5) Not every blog I have is "google."  Well, actually of all the blogs I read, only two weren't linked up or had a feed.  But I could manually create a feed, so nothing missed.

Steps for setting up Google Reader.
1. Click "add subscription."
2. Add link. Click "ok."
3. Repeat with as many blogs you would like.
4.  When you first add a blog it will give you the 10 latest posts as unread or new posts to read.  Just scroll through or click "mark as unread."
5. To check Reader, just click on Google Reader and any unread posts will be under "all items." Those are the posts that are unread.


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