Thursday, June 3, 2010

Windfall Money!

Lately I have been getting lots of survey opportunities from the survey websites I belong to.  I have actually been able to redeem some of those points that accumulate for gift cards.  A couple weeks ago I was asked to do a survery that lasted for three days.  It was pretty easy to do (about a half hour of time each day).  I got $125 gift card to Amazon.  I also had a $5 Amazon gift card from another survey I completed, so I put them together.  I searched Amazon very hard to find something to buy that would be worth it.  I bought a couple toys and some allergy-free snacks!

Here's what I bought so far:

I have a $37 balance available on my Amazon account and am cashing in another survey points for a $10 gift card.  I plan to buy Foodsaver bags!

What would you do with $125 gift card to Amazon?
(sorry not a giveaway just a question today, but stay tuned for some great giveaways in the next couple weeks)

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