Sunday, January 25, 2009

Reorganizing after a move

We are still tripping over boxes at our new home. We moved a little over a week ago and are waiting for a few items to help our organization. The newest challenge for me (as a SAHM of an almost 18 month old) has been reorganizing our routine.

In our old house we had a kitchen on one end of the house and the living room on the other. In the new home we have the living room and kitchen right next to each other so I can be in the kitchen and she can be playing. We made it work in the old house, but I never was completely happy with letting her "play" in the kitchen/dining area while I was cleaning and cooking. Seemed like we spent too much time in there. So that adjustment has gone well. Also, in our old house we had several dangerous areas and had to set up pretty strict boundaries. Our room had a dangerous water filter that not only made lots of noise all day long, but was not a safe item for a toddler to close to. We had little closest space, so my daughter's room inconveniently became storage instead of a place to play. Again it wasn't safe. The living room had a stone fireplace that ironically didn't have a chimney or electric hooked up. And that had to be blocked off. Our computer desk was in the kitchen and our little daughter seemed to be getting taller by the minute as she reached for every button she could. In our new home we have her room set up with just a crib, changing table, toy rack and rocking chair. All safe to keep her door open. Our bedroom is a little small, but if the door is open she will be safe. Our 3rd bedroom (funny how you name rooms) has the computer and will have an area where she can play or take items off the bookshelf -- still working on that room. If I were to worry about that room, the door can be shut. I feel that this house is much better for functioning with an "explorer." I do have enough room in the kitchen to put her play kitchen set in. Last week I gave her a dish rag and told her to do her dishes while I was cleaning.

Speaking of dishes, we do not have a dishwasher. It was a compromise I was willing to make to have so many other items this house offers. (Functional space mostly) It's been a little challenge getting back into the routine of doing dishes. Last time I didn't have a dishwasher I didn't have a family. But I've done without before for many years, so I don't see it as an issue. I did have to problem solve how to keep our dishes separate from my daughter's due to her milk allergy. It was a pretty easy solution, but took me a little thinking to get there. I just wash her dishes first. I do the breakfast and lunch dishes after lunch. Then I do the supper prep dishes right before supper and then the supper dishes after. We are using a few more disposable items again, but I think occasionally is okay.

So that's where we are at right now. There's still lots to do, but I am so happy we can have a place that gives us the space we need for a reasonable rent. Oh, and that toddler -- she adjusted so well. It amazed me how comfortable she is. She's excited when she realizes an old toy found it's way to our new home! Doesn't take much!


Monica said...

Glad to hear your all moved and everything is going well.

Missy said...

I am happy to hear to move went well. It is a lot of work, specially with a young one!


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