Friday, January 2, 2009

Toddler Trail Mix

Finding snacks for toddlers can be challenging. I like making a simple trail mix for my daughter. It really can consist of anything. Here's an example what our trail mix looks like today. I will follow with other suggestions.

Toddler Trail Mix
I like this because my daughter discovers the different flavors and she can eat the container.

Apple Strawberry Gerber Puffs
Dried Apricots
Ice Cream Cone

1. Use about a tablespoon of each and mix together. (This of course is an estimate, you can more if you would like)
2. Put in an ice cream cone.

Other Trail Mix suggestions
Other flavored puffs
Rice Puff cereal
Wheat Puff cereal
Any type of cereal (Chex, Kix, etc)
Dried fruit (Gerber or other brand)
Chocolate chips

**Try to give a good balance of grain and fruit. Try to limit the sweets. **

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