Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why I love our Foodsaver

A couple years ago we received a Foodsaver as a gift. It has been so helpful in keeping leftovers and for freezing extra food. Today I wanted to share a couple of our recent uses for saving food.

We make a double batch of hamburgers (oh, that's a recipe I need to post soon). Then we freeze half after my husband grills them. This is great for weekend lunches or dinners when you don't feel like doing all the work. They even have the same off the grill taste.

Today I saw some leftover roast in the fridge that normally gets tossed out. I cut it up into small pieces and saved it in to portion sizes with my Foodsaver. One bag has enough meat to add to vegetable soup (making it beef vegetable soup) when I get around to it. And the other has just enough for a quick meal for my daughter. She loves meat. It is so helpful to have some extra in the freezer because with her milk allergy I might make a casserole that she can't eat, but this gives me an option for her.

Yesterday, I put a large package of drumsticks in the crockpot. I just added a chicken bullion cube, water, salt and pepper. Sometimes I use Mrs. Dash for flavor. I paid $5.69 for 12. They had so much meat on them, my mind starting thinking of all the meals I could make. Last night we had pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches. Then today I froze a large portion for a future meal for the whole family and a smaller portion for my daughter using the Foodsaver. I could use it for enchiladas, soup, a casserole. Lots of options for a night when I don't want to make the chicken the same day as the meal. I also saved enough for either a couple sandwiches or chicken pasta salad for the next couple of days. So I got at least 5 meals out of the $5. 69 package of chicken.

If you don't have a Foodsaver, I highly recommend one if you toss leftovers or like to make food ahead of time. It is very easy to use and preserves food extremely well!

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