Monday, January 26, 2009

Toddler Game

I found this idea at an Early Childhood Conference a few years ago. When I went back to school, I had extra time to make it and it has gotten lots of use. Ironically, when I was student teaching in a toddler room, the director told me it was not developmentally appropriate. Of course this was the same director that told me I could sing counting songs with toddlers because they can't learn that yet. Oh and the book I made with colors had to focus on the leaves not the colors. Whatever I said. I still sang counting songs, talked about colors and definitely played this matching game. My philosophy is to stand up for what you believe in.

With that all said, here are the directions for making this fun matching game.
1 yard fabric (try to find something with simple repeating patterns)

1. Cut fabric to size you want to use. I cut mine in half. I usually fold my over a couple times when playing because otherwise it's too big.
2. Cut out the shapes or patterns for each item from extra fabric. I cut out many of each since there are only four patterns -- frog, bee, bird, dog.
3. Then iron each pattern and use starch spray to make it really stiff.
4. Laminate each pattern piece.
5. Play the matching game.

Ideas for this matching game.
  • Practice animal sounds.
  • Put cards behind you and ask child what will be next (great for predicting)
  • Make a pattern without the fabric piece
  • Have child help pick up and put away
  • Encourage them to place the pieces on different spots, really young kids like to put all the dogs on the same dog place, etc.
  • Helps with patience and following directions
  • So many ideas, do what works for you!!

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