Monday, July 27, 2009

Open a Jar

Before I was married, I lived the single life for more than 10 years. I didn't have a problem too often opening jars, but it happened on occasion. What to do when there is no one to ask? I used an old fashioned bottle opener to pry it open or just enough to let a little air in. That's it. I had a jar that wouldn't open this morning so instead of hurting my hand and getting frustrated, I just grabbed my bottle opener and popped the jar open.

On a side note, when my husband and I were first married I handed him a jar that I couldn't open. He smirked and I asked "what?" He smiled and said "You need me." It wasn't until a few months later when he couldn't open a jar I showed him my little trick. I do, however, let him open the jar if he's at home before grabbing the bottle opener.

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