Monday, July 6, 2009

Planning for a Party

We are just a month away from my little girl turning 2. Here is where the planning phase is now.

Theme: Moon and Twinkle Stars. I'm going to hit up some store today and see if we can find some "star" items on sale from the 4th of July decorations.
Cake: Star. That is if I can find a mold. Funny when you are looking how hard it is to find something. Alternative: Cupcakes with stars on the paper. I'm making a cake (or cupcakes) because of my daughter's milk and egg allergy. I'll probably make a regular cake with an egg and make a dairy-free frosting. Still need to find recipes.
Invitations/Thank Yous: I sent out a "save the date" e-mail only because this time of year is so busy. We are going to make thank you cards and hand them out when guests leave. Right now I have two vision of what these cards will look like.
Misc.: I've got balloons, crepe paper, a banner, a 2 candle, and stars. We will probably be making some moons to hang around the house. I also like to make signs that have her picture on them saying "Happy Birthday."
Budget: For food and everything else that I need is $20. Should be easy to beat.

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