Thursday, July 9, 2009

Reward Programs

I've been buying Pampers diapers for two years now. I've collected every
Gifts to Grow point located on each package (and even some free ones along the way). The Gifts to Grow program allows you to accumulate points and cash them in for toys, coupons and photos. Normally, I just cash my points in for diapers or Cheerios. But they haven't added those options lately to the rewards catalog. In the past the toys have come with a shipping cost -- making the cost close to retail price. About two weeks ago, I saw a magnetic calendar made by Melissa and Doug on the website. I was shocked when I saw that shipping was included. I got it today and can't wait to use it! The morale of the story is that even if it seems like a waste of time or you don't see something you want today, it might be worth it in the end. Even the free diapers and Cheerios have been worth it for me. I highly recommend signing up for the reward programs especially if it's something you spend a lot of money on.

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