Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Book Recommendation

My daughter loves the moon and recently she saw hot air balloon flying by a pink moon.  Well, needless to say, she is obsessed with seeing more.  We live in Wisconsin and the average highs have been in the high 40s lately, so no more for quite a few months.  I did a library search for hot air balloon and then limited it to children's books.  I found many and put them on hold for her.  Yesterday, I picked up "The Man in the Moon and the Hot Air Balloon," by David Delamare.  I knew the title alone would be enough.  We read it last night (actually I read it to her first and then my husband read it to her before bedtime-- she's slightly obsessed with stories, too).  It is a beautifully written poetic story.  The pictures are interesting.  Overall, I was quite impressed with the story.  We might just have to purchase that one.

Tip:  If your child loves something (even if it's for the moment), go with it.  The library makes it so easy to search for books and put them on hold from the comfort of your home.  You might really be surprised what is out there once you start looking.  We read another hot air balloon story with Curious George and it talked about Mt. Rushmore.  That opened up a very simple discussion about presidents.

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