Thursday, January 7, 2010

No need for cable, dish or satellite

Last week duing my year-end reflection on saving money I mentioned watching TV online.  Here are a couple suggestions of how to find your shows online.

  • Go to the network website and try to watch full episodes there.  Sometimes shows aren't listed here, but many are.  I dislike that many of these will have commercials included.
  • Youtube is usually a good option for older episodes.  However, the quality is not very good.
  • I really like using this site.  They have a really good selection of current shows and excellent quality. You might have to wait a couple weeks for the most updated episode, but if you don't have cable you don't even know what the schedule is.  Bonus is that there are no commercials.  There is however a time limit on usage about 55 minutes.  But you can watch again after an hour.  
  • We also rent TV shows from the library.  It's a fun way to watch a series with out commercials.


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