Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Surprise Box -- Snowmen

In this surprise box the theme is snowmen with a focus on colors.

Books:  The Biggest, Best Snowman, by Margery Cuyler. Frosty the Snowman , by Steve Nelson (we sing it).  Baby Donald makes a snowfriend.

Activities:  I used this pattern for the snowman, hat and scarf.  I cut out 10 snowmen and laminated them.  I put velcro on top of the head and on the neck.  I copied hats and scarves on 10 different colored pieces of paper.  You could color them with crayons or markers, too.  I put velcro on each hat and scarf.  To play game, have child match the hat and scarf color on each snowman.

Toys: Stuffed snowmen

  • To listen to stories
  • To sing along
  • To match colors
  • Enjoyment
  • Follow directions
  • Talk about winter and snow
  • Pretend to make a snowball

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