Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

I was in desperate need for new tennis shoes.  We have been working out almost daily and my trusty shoes were really starting to get worn out.  I have small feet, between size 5 and 6.  So, finding tennis shoes can really be a challenge (well, any shoes for that matter).  Plus I have some sensitivity from old injuries that I forget about until I get new shoes and have to break my feet in (not the shoes, my feet).

I found a pair of Nikes at Kohls a couple weeks ago that were size 6 and fit really well.  Nike tends to be my go-to for tennis shoes.  But they were $40 on sale (originally $60), but still more than I wanted to spend.  I had just purchased some really cheap items from with a free shipping code and 20 percent off.  So I went home and bought the shoes online for $32 after the 20 percent off.  Ah, a much better price.  I know they will last a while, but I just can't spend a lot on anything anymore.

Last week I got an e-mail saying that my order was cancelled because they didn't have my size.  I was so disappointed.  Typical, I thought.  My size is hard to come by.   I called Kohl's customer service, and they told me they would honor the online price in the store.  I was shocked because we are finding that often stores won't match online prices (Wal-Mart won't).  I went to the Kohl's last night and hoped they would have my size.  I found the shoes in my size, and the checkout at the customer service was simple.  No questions or auguring -- they just honored the price.  Hooray!

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