Monday, June 20, 2011

Organizing Computer Time

I do a lot on the computer every day from checking e-mails to reading blogs to racking up points from certain sites.  Recently I realized there was a lot of things I delete and don't even look at and time was being wasted.  Here are some ways I've maximized my computer time.

  • Google Reader;  Subscribe to all the blogs you like to read in Google Reader. Then set the view to "List."  Then all you have to do is read the title of the blog and decide if you want to read more.  We don't have a Rite Aid or CVS by us, and scrolling through those posts (even on Google Reader) in "Expanded" view took time.  
  • Delete/Unsubscribe:  If you sign up for a online newsletter each time you request a coupon or promotion, you e-mail can get pretty saturated.  I usually just delete majority of e-mails I get.  I have been unsubscribing to all e-mails that I usually delete anyway.  This should open up more time.
  • Set a time limit: Now that I'm home for the summer, it's easy to hop on the computer between things or waiting for our little one to get ready, etc.  I've put time limits on how much time to use the computer.  I guess do what works for you here.
  • Survey/Points Sites:  I've taken a lot of surveys over the years.  I've also been part of many sites that give pennies for reading e-mails.  I now have just a handful of these I do every day.  I like the ones I know pay out and actually accumulate to something. I greatly dislike sites that I do a lot of work for and then don't qualify.  My favorites are Pinecone surveys ($3 per survey), My Points, Swagbucks, E-Rewards and  Panda Research.  
  • Decide if it's worth it.  Just evaluate everything you do online and see if there is anyway of minimizing your time.

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