Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Binder

I am taking most of the summer off from teaching -- only working a little here and there at the child care center I teach 4K.  This means time off to do all those things I said I'll get to this summer.  Yeah, there's a lot.  So, in order to organize myself I created a Summer (organizational) Binder.

I have broken the sections of the binder into four sections (for now).

Schedules -- I'm really going to attempt to put together a daily, weekly and monthly schedule.  Since workng part-time, I have come into a pretty good routine to get the daily stuff done.  But our house seems a little cluttered all the time.  I've got to focus on getting that organized.  Hopefully, the schedules will help. Money Saving Mom has some great printable schedules!

Things we want to do -- I absolutely love the warm months and the abilitlty to do so much during the long days.  We usually start our days pretty early, which gives us a lot we can do even in one day.  To makes sure we do all the fun things we want this summer, I created a list.  I need to go back to it now and enter dates for certain events, such as the fair. Our almost 4-year-old daughter has her own list, too.  We have dry erase board on the fridge and she keeps scribbling on it -- library, swimming, strawberries, big trampoline, etc.

School/4K/Professional Development -- to continue my teaching I have to set professional development goals.  They aren't due until fall.  But the paperwork is long, lengthy and complicated.  Might as well get that going this summer.  Also, I have goals for teaching next year and want to make more games and interactive charts.  At this time I don't have much planned for this.  However, a couple weeks ago I made many games from this superhero theme.  So I got a little head start.

Cooking -- I have decided that cooking/baking is my hobby.  I love trying new ingredients and recipes. With the busy school year I didn't get to try as many new things.  I have a three sections right now for cooking this summer -- recipes to try, ingredients to try, and bulk cooking (for the fall).  Be forewarned you will get updates this summer on this blog.

So, we'll see if this makes me more productive, more organized and makes the summer more fun all around.

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