Monday, September 14, 2009

Look What I won!

Every now and then I enter a blog giveaway, but I have yet to win until now. After a long weekend away, I came back to an e-mail telling me that I won a giveaway on $5 Dinners (one of my favorite blogs). She was giving away a subscription to a meal planning service from Kate at Stolen Moments Menu Planning. Oh and I just love Kate's blog -- Cooking during Stolen Moments!

I won a year subscription for the basic plan that will give me monthly plans for dinners, which comes with weekly grocery lists. Along with the recipes, I signed up for ideas for freezing meals ahead, too. I make so many of Kate's recipes already, I know I will love what is planned. I am really excited because I've been in a little rut lately because we have several projects going on and I feel I make the same thing every month.

I'll update in a couple months and tell you all about it!!

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