Monday, November 30, 2009

Crafts at the Library

I am so happy we moved to a city that has an excellent children's program at the library. Yesterday the library had crafts.  There were many crafts for kids to choose from and we we made three.  The volunteers were so patient and helpful.  Here the three crafts we made with some quick directions.

Pine cone Ornament
Simply squirt glue on the pine cone.  Sprinkle with glitter.  Give it time to dry.  Use a piece of yarn to tie a loop to hang.

Holiday Visor
Follow the pattern here.  Trace on foam or cardstock.  Use holiday (or any) foam stickers and crayons (or markers) to decorate.  Punch holes on each end. Use two pieces of yarn.  Tie each end of yarn to the visor and then tie two ends together to fit child's head.

I don't have any patterns for this one.  You can probably find some antlers online somewhere that will work.  The rest is pretty easy to figure out.


Jamie said...

All 2 of them turned out great! I especially love the visor and reindeer!

Jamie said...

I meant all 3 of them, sorry. Typo! *lol*

jennwa said...

Those are all cute. I love paper bag puppets.


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