Friday, December 5, 2008

Thank Goodness

My daughter was born with a dislocatable hip and wore a harness to correct it from 5 weeks to 4 months. We just had our year check up today and all is well. Thank goodness. For the last year I've worried that I might be missing a limp or if she was playing too rough -- she loves to fall down on purpose. The doctor reassured us that she can't do anything to hurt it. We asked about her tippy toe walking and he said it's not really a problem. They like to correct it by Kindergarten, but normally it fixes itself. I told him that our pediatrician said 18 months was when she would be concerned and would probably refer us back to Children's Hospital. He said that wasn't true and that there really isn't a set age. I told him that our pediatrician likes to refer us to the Children's Hospital and usually there isn't a reason for it. He didn't like that too much and was quick to tell us that he didn't really have an answer right now about it either.

Oh well. At least her hip is in good working shape!


melissa said...

I am so glad to hear everything went well!

My cousin was a tip toe walker until age 5 or 6. She out grew it after that.

Monica said...

Good to hear everything went well!!!


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