Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A couple craft ideas

These were really easy to do and didn't take much preparation. And it was just long enough for my daughter's attention span this morning.

My daughter loves anything in the sky. All day she will tell us the clouds are moving and will often talk about the moon and twinkle stars. We created two pictures -- a day sky and a night sky.

This is the day sky. I used cotton balls and blue paper. We spread the cotton balls apart and glued them to the paper. My 2-year-old helped spread them apart and glue them. We used a sticker for the sun.

This is the night sky. I simply used stickers on black paper and she created a night sky

Now, these simple projects might not look like much. Here are some skills that were reinforced while doing this project: concept of day and night, following directions, making decisions (on where to glue or stick items), working together with mom. Here is language used -- stars, glue, moon, sun, sky, clouds, stick, black, blue, yellow, green, white, orange, red, day, night. Also, when we do projects I like to display them in the house for her to look at and show off to Daddy later. We put these pictures by her new big girl bed. My hope is that it will be something she will want to look at when she wakes up or needs to fall asleep.


Michelle said...

Those came out really nice!

Ticia said...

Isn't it fun to do a quick simple project sometimes.

~Sara said...

Great idea discussing the difference between day and night skies. I will keep this activity in mind. Thanks for sharing!

jennwa said...

Super cute idea. I will be doing this in my preschool class. Thanks for sharing.


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