Friday, August 14, 2009

More notable savings of the week

Here are a couple more savings that I received this week.

  • Free underwear from Victoria's Secret (no other purchase made)
  • Target brand Zyrtec 120 pills for just under $19.73, which will probably last through all of next year since I only take it when I'm my worst (regular Zyrtec is $18.99 for 30 pills)
  • My JC Penny Deal
  • Family pack of Golden Plump drumsticks for $3.99 plus a $1/1 coupon making it only $2.99 (we will get at least two meals out of this)
  • Free Ground Turkey with $5/1 coupon I received a while back with a Jennio Turkey recipe book (one to two meals will come out this)

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