Sunday, August 30, 2009


Here's what I did with our tomatoes from the garden. I wish I had pictures to share, but when I was doing the process I just wanted to get it done.
1. Clean tomatoes and cut off stems.
2. Bring big pot of water to boil -- boil for a couple minutes before using.
3. Take an old flour sack towel and place about 6 tomatoes in center.
4. Grab towel by ends and place in boiling pot of water for 2 minutes. I use an oven mitt hold onto the end moving the towel back and forth. This softens the skins.
5. Take tomatoes out and let cool to touch -- you could put them in a bowl of ice. I didn't have too many at one time so I was able to get them right away.
6. Take a sharp knife and peel skins and bad pieces off. Cut into quarters or smaller.
7. Put into freezer bags and store until ready to use.

I wore gloves when peeling the skins. I also used our foodsaver. If using a foodsaver be sure to seal the bag before the juices run out. I portioned our bags with 2 cups of tomatoes. A small can of tomatoes is 14.5 oz and 2 cups is 16 oz.

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