Monday, August 4, 2008

Birthday Planning

It's been really busy around here. Today is our anniversary (I'm waiting for my husband to wrap up somethings at work) and tomorrow is our daughter's first birthday. We had a small gathering on Sunday. I kept it really simple for her.

Theme: Sesame Street. This allowed me to pick up any Sesame Street items on sale. I found Abby Cadabby plates and napkins at Target for $1.11 each. I also found a tablecloth for $1.99 unopened at Goodwill that had several characters on it. Then I blew up balloons I already had and printed signs from our computers. I put my daughter's picture on some and a picture of the Sesame Street gang on another. Simple.

Cake: We made a cake and put a plastic Elmo on top. Perfect for her to understand and she grabbed it licked off the frosting.

We opened presents in the living room so she could walk around and move a little after being in the high chair for cake.

She really enjoyed it and it was the perfect little party for her.


Monica said...

Happy Anniversary!!! and Happy Birthday, sounds like you had a good party.

Melissa said...

Glad to hear the party went smooth. Happy Anniversary!

Mel said...



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