Monday, August 25, 2008

Rummage Sale

That's what they call them where I live. Also known as thrift sales, yard sales, garage sales and I'm sure other terms.

We had one this weekend. Weather cooperated, but sales were pretty low about $65 after subtracting the ad. But that was actually ok. We needed to organize our stuff and it was easy to put together because we were organizing already. We didn't have any large items. I think the $4 vacuum was the biggest seller. So considering it was $1 and 25 cents items that's not too bad. Last one we had we made over $500, but we sold a lot of furniture that time.

Also, it was actually really nice for me to sit in the garage and not do anything. I finished a book I started in December. I read two meal planning books for toddlers and read several e-books I downloaded about a month ago about saving money and meal planning. Came away with some good tips and ideas.

I talked with several neighbors who said they would be interested in doing a neighborhood sale in the spring. So my hope is to organize that. I just don't want to move so much next time. I can also go through all those Christmas decorations and at least sell a bin's worth.

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