Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Children's Museum

I live in a city that doesn't have a lot for young kids to do. So, I am always searching for something for my daughter and I to do. Today is her 1-year-old birthday and I took her the Children's Museum. It was only $4 each and they had a toddler room area for her to play. We went early and had the place to ourselves until right before we left. There was a little 15-month-old girl she got to play with. We were there for over an hour, which surprised me. Normally she gets bored pretty quickly.

As far as the museum, it wasn't like one you find in a big city. But it was a great treat to take her somewhere else she could play. Goofy kid let go on top of the slide and slid right down. My little dare devil.

It's so important that kids have somewhere else to play other than at home with family.

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Melissa said...

We use to have a membership to the EC Children's museum. The kids loved playing there. Another thing they love doing is the playgroup at the Sports Center.


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