Thursday, August 14, 2008

Budget Goal

Ok so we have limits on our spending but we don't seem to budget too well lately. Starting next week, I pushing for only $50 in groceries and $50 at Walmart or Target. Normally I go to Walmart or Target every other week or so and spend more than that. We are trying to save, save, save for a house. I'll update on our progress. I calculated last week I spent almost $10 just on 2 gallons of milk and a 5 lb bag of pototoes. Grocery costs are just getting so high.


Melissa said...

I agree, food prices are getting so expensive. Everytime I go to the store I go over budget!

Monica said...

It does seem hard to stay in budget. Before I was spending 150 a week for groceries, then when the little girl I watch left, I had to cut it down severely, Ive been able to get it down to around a 100 sometimes less, but I have been trying to use more and more coupons.


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