Monday, August 11, 2008

Organizing ... long sigh... photos

If you have a good method, please share. I don't think mine is working too well. The problem -- digital camera, ordering online, backing up, home delivery and then what do do with them all.

1. Digital cameras allow me to take way too many photos. It's hard not to order all of the them. My hope was to do scrapbooking but we have no room in this house and time is always a factor. I try delete as many as I can. Still every month it's more than 100 photos. I sift through them on average once a month.
2. Ordering online. I like ordering my prints online. Saves a trip. I'm not the happiest with Walmart or Walgreens, but I have been daring enough to try one of the others.
3. I backup the photos on CD (my dvd burner doesn't appear to be working). Then I also backup on my husband's computer. He puts all the photos on random on his screensaver. My daughter loves watching that.
4. I normally have the photos delivered. Seems a little cheaper -- about $3. I never know when I'm going to make it out. And that buys me a little more time to figure out what to do with them.
5. Photos galore. Right now I just keep buying albums and putting them in there. I'm a couple months behind right now. I just ordered more photos and have the last order still waiting for a home. I can't seem to find photo albums anymore. What's up with that?

I still hope to scrapbook some day -- maybe with my daughter when she gets a little older. But for now that's what I do.

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M from CafeMom said...

Try I have used this site numerous times & have always been very pleased :) Also, my SIL uses & I think she likes it pretty well, to.
BTW, love your site, I found it through one of the posts on CafeMom today :)


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