Thursday, May 27, 2010

Buyer Beware

Last we our grocery store had strawberries on sale for 98 cents a pint.  I was about to pick up two when I read the sign and it said "Limit 1.  All other purchases 2/$3."   As I finished my shopping I kept looking at other shoppers to see that many had two pints of strawberries in their cart.  Yes, $1.50 each is a little cheaper than normal but I wonder how many people thought they were getting each for 98 cents.  Remember to read the limits on really good deals.

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Annie Harbert said...

I have fallen prey to situations like that in the grocery before. In our town we have a well known grocery store chain that I don't particularly shop at often because it's a little pricey for our budget. When I do shop there it's because I can either snag a sweet deal or something for free if I use the coupon/weekly ad match-up.
I once shopped a "sale" that was advertised for a particular cereal brand my family likes but I was unaware of the teeny tiny disclosure at the bottom of the flyer. After I paid for my items and the voucher did not print out I asked the cashier what had happened. That was when I realized that I had been tricked. I immediately went to customer service and politely returned the cereal. I wasn't about to be taken. I am a more vigilant shopper now and I scrutinized EVERYTHING.


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