Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sticker Fun

I've posted in the past about how I believe that coloring sheets are useful for children.  I think the same about using stickers as "creative art."  Lately, to pass the time our daughter has been requesting stickers and paper to stick them on.  She will spend 20 minutes peeling the stickers off and creating stories about what she is sticking.  I have overheard her talking about the animal stickers and how they were going to the "Lamb Look Class."  I asked her what they do in the class and she told me they go swimming and go poopy (we are almost completely potty trained).  So, I argue that yes maybe she isn't creating something from scratch, but she is definitely using her imagination (and fine motor skills).

Cheap ways to get stickers

  • Dollar Store
  • Junk Mail 
  • Garage Sales (often people will sell partial sheets for next to nothing)
  • Dollar Spot at Target
  • Walmart
  • After the holidays (wait until they go 75% off and use for next year)
  • Teacher stores
  • Michaels (they have a lot of dollar bins)
  • Oriental Trading


Living Life as a Mom said...

My daughter loves stickers and has been making sticker sheets for a while now. She just made one last night as I found a bunch of stickers! I think any crafts is a good craft!

Anonymous said...

My son also loves stickers. his aunt made him a sticker album with a nice binder and black construction paper so he can save all his art peices. he loves it!


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