Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Parenting techniques that are working for us

I haven't posted any parenting techniques or information lately.  So I thought I would share some techniques that are working for us.

Super Nanny Sleep Technique:  We struggled for weeks after "Elmo came and took the pacifiers for the new babies" to get our daughter to sleep at night.  Basically, it includes a lot of patience on the parent to keep putting the child back to bed without any conversation.  Also, the parent sits in the room with the child, while she falls asleep but does not look or talk at all. The Super Nanny Sleep technique worked really well for us, however it still took several weeks before it all clicked.

Poop Jail:  We are currently using this one to help our little one poop on the potty.  If there was a kid who is resistant, it's her.  Crying, screaming and downright afraid to poop on the potty.  We've spent hour sitting in there.  Last week I tried the Poop Jail, which was very similar to what I was doing.  It clearly states expectations of not you the parent but of the doctor.  For our active little girl it seems to work because we take her clothes off until she poops so she's can completely focus just on pooping.  Seems a little odd, but it's working for us.

Authoritative parenting;  This is used in both the Super Nanny Sleep Technique and Poop Jail.  Essentially, authoritative parenting is giving high demands of children and high response from the parents.

Love and Logic:  Love and Logic is about showing children that you understand their feelings.  It also explains how important it is to give choices that are favorable to both the parent and child.  Choices should not be threats or punishments.  Here are some free articles about Love and Logic.

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