Monday, May 10, 2010

What's there to eat?

We are really working on freezing meals ahead of time and freezing extra meat for fried rice, casseroles or salads.  Sometimes we have so much we don't know what there is.  My husband will look franticly for something for a quick lunch, but doesn't have time to sift through the freezer.  We also have a tendency to have a serving or two in the refrigerator that doesn't get eaten.

So, I recently created a form to put on my fridge.  It lists what I have for leftovers in the fridge and what frozen meals I have in the freezer.  There also is a column for the date so that I can stay on top of cleaning out the fridge and plan meals from the freezer timely. I laminated the list it so it can be used and reused.  Simple put it on the refrigerator for all to see. Feel free to use it if you like!

Freezer/Fridge List -- print as webpage for larger size.

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