Thursday, February 19, 2009

Coupons Not Being Taken

I have encountered several occasions when cashiers won't take my coupons.  Recently at Target they wouldn't stack the coupons -- I wrote and cleared that up.  But Internet coupons are getting harder and harder to cash in.  One store I go to will only take one Internet coupon per visit.  So, if I have three separate Internet coupons for three different products I can only use one.  Seems a little pointless to even search for online coupons.  

I have written to several companies whose products I enjoy and use loyally with hopes of receiving manufacturer coupons.  I have received some and figure that's the only way around it.  I also have written if a specific coupon has been rejected and have been compensated with manufacturer coupons.  It just seems like it gets harder and harder to save money.

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Gloria said...

Using coupons these days are not as easy as it use to be. I remember the days of triple coupons. One of our supermarket is Stop & Shop and there was a time that they would triple a coupons 99c and under but those days are long gone; in fact Stop & Shop is rather on the expensive side.

Have you checked out Couponing101 blogspot....she seems to have all this couponing down-pat.


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