Sunday, February 22, 2009

Goals for the week

This week I'm going to catch up on those little things that pile up.  We were sick for the last week and half and weren't able to get ahead at all.  I like to set short-term goals for myself.  I often make a list for the week (example below) or make a list for the day.  I try to keep it within reason so that I can actually accomplish the tasks.  Sometimes it works, sometimes life gets in the way.  But it really helps if I write down what I want to get done.  That way it is easier for me to plan my day.

Here are some of my goals for the week:
  • Clean toys (gotta get rid of those germs)
  • Rotate books (we have so many and my daughter drags more out every day)
  • Photos: Upload, edit, back-up and put online.  
  • Make Dr. appointments for myself
  • Clean off my dresser (why does it always get cluttered?)
  • Reorganize pantry closet
  • Pay Bills and evaluate savings.
  • Make a couple of games for my daughter
  • Make Banana Muffins
  • Go through boxes that are in basement and find the rest of my craft items.
  • Mail taxes
  • Iron on flowers on my daughter's curtains
This of course goes along with the normal day-to-day routine -- making meals, cleaning floors, attending storytime Monday, cleaning fish bowl, dishes, laundry, grocery shopping etc.

How do you get that stuff done that nags away at you?

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