Monday, February 2, 2009

Toddler the Helper

I stop all day long to let my little 18-month old help me. There are times it would be faster and a little less frustrating for me to do the task myself. But I strongly believe in giving kids responsibility and a chance to help. My daughter often signs "more" after she helps me because she wants to do something else helpful. Today at story time at the library she was one of two kids who helped clean up. I was happy that she was willing to help.

Examples of what my helper does:
Any garbage, she helps throw away
She puts her snacks away (I have her snack shelf in the pantry closet at her level)
She puts her hamper away on laundry day
If there are dirty clothes that need to go in the hamper, she puts them in
We pick up toys often throughout the day
I give her a paper towel and she "cleans" when I clean
She helps me put new diapers away (then climbs in the box)
She puts her cup in the sink
I try to find things for her to carry for me as I put things away

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