Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Double Ear Infection

My little one had a fever since last Wednesday.  We had a "well" check-up with a our new pediatrician on Friday.  So thankfully she told us she just had a cold. (and that she's in the 98 percentile for height and 16 percentile for weight.)  We monitored her fever and her cold and on Monday night her fever shot way up again, over 102 degrees.  Tuesday I decided we better take her back in.  I'm glad we did because she has a double ear infection.  She never once tugged on either ear. Last night I gave her first dose of amoxicillin and she slept so much better.  Unfortunately after 6 nights with little sleep, I now have a cold.  

Since I'm still new at figuring out what to do for fever and colds, I asked the doctor some questions.

1.  What is the danger with fever and when should we be concerned?  She said that fever alone is not dangerous and can not cause brain damage.  If the fever where to rise too quickly it can cause a febrile seizure.  However this is rare and can't be predicted when it could occur because it happens so fast.

2.  Should we give Motrin or Tylenol for fever?  She said that if my daughter is fussy and has a fever to give either to her.  But if she isn't fussy and playing like normal with a fever, then I can let her be.  

3.  Is there a magic number for temperature when I should call?  Basically, she said to monitor the fever and notice changes.  She said how we handled it was how it should be handled.  If fever doesn't go away or shoots way up fast, then there is a concern.  But a fever itself is nothing to worry about.

Now I know that people have lots of ideas and theories out there about fevers.  This is what my doctor told me.  If you have concerns about your situations, please be sure to contact your doctor.  

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