Sunday, February 1, 2009

Still unpacking

I'm very excited that I've almost got our computer/craft room organized. I put shelves in the closet that gives me lots of options to put my crafts in one spot. And I can find them easily. I still need a work table, but we're trying to find the right thing. I also realized that we have tons and tons of books. I've been building my children's library with books from garage sales and Goodwill. It's great to have them all, but it was a challenge to reorganize them again.

My other new challenge in the new house is having the washer and dryer on the lower level. We used to have it on the main level. With a toddler, it's a little hard to get it done quickly, but we seem to be working it out. I seem to do more when she's napping and I can freely run up and down stairs. I also seem to be doing a load or more a day. Hopefully, I will get back into a routine that works soon. In the meantime, I gotta do what works.

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