Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Dark Knight -- Commentary/Review

The Dark Knight

We jumped on the band wagon and saw this movie yesterday afternoon. We have seen many superhero movies and many I probably wouldn't have seen without my husband's encouragement. They tend to be really good and interesting. The Dark Knight was a good sequel to the previous Batman movie. The Rachel character was a different actress, but I'm sure other cast had changed that I didn't notice. The movie dragged in the beginning, but kept me thinking where the twist was going to come. Christian Bale plays a good Bruce Wayne/Batman and stood consistent with his last performance. (We actually watched 3:10 to Yuma on Friday and he's turning into one of those actors I want to watch more). The Joker was overall well- played and decietful, but I found some of the humor to be placed at the wrong time -- maybe that was the point. I just couldn't laugh when he was blowing up a building. It's been hard to watch the last two Batman movies with all the killing. It seems that there used to be more killing or "hurting" of bad guys and little to no killing of good guys. Now there has been a shift, maybe it's the twist. But I didn't like the excessive killing and damage in the movie. Overall, I liked the movie and it's plot. There were some surprises. It was a little long, but a fairly well-played movie. Definitely not for kids!

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