Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Music and Learning

Music and songs are important in a child's development. We sing every day and just recently my little one started singing along to "Bingo" on one of her toys that just plays instrumental. I mean what could be more fun to watch. She loves to dance with the music and before she could dance she would bop her head. We also have shaker toys and a four key piano. She plays with those every day.

Music helps develop language, social, large motor, and cognitive skills. And it way more fun that just sitting and talking. I also play music for her during the day -- some are kid's songs, some are songs my husband and I enjoy. She gets the biggest smile when she recognizes a song she like. Music is an integral part of learning and life. Just think about songs and how they remind of a certain time. And how many songs we haven't heard for years but know all the words when we hear it. There something special about music that makes it a part of our daily lives.

Best part -- singing songs is free. Always good to have those free options with kids!

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Melissa said...

Ally has always loved music. Now she is really into country music. For Christmas she got a cheap MP3 player and listens to it quite often.


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