Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sesame Street

I also recently read that TV for kids under 2 has no benefit for them. They can't interact until 18 months. Well, I disagree completely.

When my daughter was around 9 1/2 months old I started putting Sesame Street to see what she would do. I'm not a big believer in putting the TV on all day for kids to watch, and I was a little worried I might end up using TV as a crutch so I could get things done. I have played a Sesame Street CD for my daughter since she was a couple months old, and she loves almost every song. She knew the songs before she started watching the show.

When we are home we watch Sesame Street for the hour it's on. It does several things that make our day better. First, my daughter enjoys the characters. She has her favorites. Second, she does interact. When she sees Cookie Monster she roars, when she sees Ernie she does his laugh, and when she sees Elmo she says "hi." She smiles when she recognizes songs or muppets. She talks back to the TV. She will crawl or walk toward the spot where she can see the TV when she hears certain transitional songs or tones. She is finding enjoyment, using recognitions skills, enhancing language skills, and I bet a lot more I don't realize. I also know many of the songs and sing along. It also helps with our routine. We normally take a walk after snack and then watch Sesame Street until lunch (and often during lunch). I truly believe she knows what time of day it is because of it.

Would I keep it on all day? No. Will we watch when we can? Yes, because I see a benefit.

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