Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Dollar Store

I never used to like going to The Dollar Store because it was messy and everything looked cheap. But these days the store has changed some, or maybe I've become a little less picky. There are items that I always buy at The Dollar Store, and I search for different ones in the area. Some items aren't a good deal, but if you're a shopper who checks around for prices you know what those items are. I normally don't buy health and beauty products there because they are on average higher priced.

Here's a list of some items I buy at The Dollar Store:
Scrapbooking paper
Pencils (great for kid gifts)
Disposable diaper bags (100 in a box)
Plastic containers/bins
Decorations (depending what I can turn them into)
Seasonal items
Sandwich baggies (look for the pack with extra)
Removable wall stickers
Wooden pieces for crafts
Some craft supplies
Teacher posters, die cuts, borders, reward certificates
Books (even the poorly made ones can be cut apart and laminated for a felt board)
Kitchen tools
Anything that can be modified into to a teaching tool

This week I found this and this at The Dollar Store. I figure I can laminate some of the pages and use them for a learning center.

I love walking out of the store with 8 items and paying less than $10 for all of it.

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Melissa said...

I love going to the dollar store. I buy prizes there for the kids. Some of their cleaners are also very good.


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