Monday, July 7, 2008

Shopping Tips

When I go shopping (whether is grocery or Walmart) I try to stick to a few rules for myself to make it easier.

1. I usually park a few rows from the exit door for an easy escape from the busy parking lot.
2. I park as close to a cart return as possible, if I have the baby or not.
3. I always make a list. I stick to it, unless there are items on sale.
4. I use these post-it notes for my list sometimes. They are great because you can stick the post-it to the cart and you don't have to fumble with the list. I got a pack free in the mail.
4. I organize my coupons ahead of time according to my list. I also watch for items on sale at certain stores to make the most for my coupon savings.
5. As I shop I take the coupon out or move it to the front of the pile in my purse.
6. I always take all my coupons just in case.
7. I normally buy the larger package if it is more cost effective. Especially if it's something we use a lot of, such as diapers.
8. I try to get in and out in about 30 minutes. Extra time means extra buying for me.
9. I price items and only buy certain things at certain stores. For example, baby food is cheapest at Walmart unless the grocery store or Target has it on sale. I have a list of a lot of items like that. Well, in my head at least.
10. I buy non-brand when it's a good product.
11. I try to stock up, so we don't have find time to run to a store. Also I can make sure to catch the sales and use coupons if I can. Some items we stock up on are toothpaste, soap, canned goods, paper goods, personal hygenine products, etc.

Those are just a few things I do to make shopping a little easier, more cost effective and almost enjoyable.

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