Sunday, July 20, 2008

Time ago

I am conveniently staying at my parent's home that is storing all my old high school and college stuff, not to mention some childhood items. I am purging like crazy. Today, I went through four boxes of old school papers, notebooks, folders and everything else in between. I tossed all but a few journals, some interesting papers, and a couple of other important items worth saving. I actually found a folder from my high school typing class (yes, I'm old enough to have been taught typing on a typewriter). Now why would I ever need that? Let's see what else... I found some free bowling cards for having good attendance in high school -- expired in 1993. I can't believe all the math homework I saved -- I mostly got C's and D's in math. Yeah, save that to look at later. I guess for some reason I needed to hang onto those things. I hadn't look at most of it for 10 or more years. I'm betting that I wouldn't look at it again for another 10 if I saved it. It feels good to purge and let go of a time from long ago.

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Monica said...

I have condensed my stuff like that down to one box now. Its funny how you look back and wonder why I keep that.


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