Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A little behind

I haven't posted for a couple days because my husband kindly put anti-software on my computer. Every time I let him touch the laptop for maintenance, it doesn't seem to work better at all. I struggled for the last three days to try to use it. It wouldn't even connect to the Internet. I think there is so much garbage on the computer that we have to completely start over. I deleted the software and am up and running again. Until the next time we try to fix it.

Yesterday we went to the Children's Hospital (another reason for no post yesterday) for my daughter. We had her big toenails looked at. They are coming in crooked and our pediatrician wanted to make sure all was okay. Personally, I think they just have to make a quota of referrals and ours was one of those. It turned out to be a worthwhile visit. We saw a dermatologist for her toes, and she helped us problem solve my daughter eczema problem. She prescribe Cetaphil cream with hydrocortisone in it. I used it tonight, and wow it felt really nice on her skin. It is probably good to have someone else check in on that and have it on record.

One important piece of information they told us was that Dreft (the baby laundry detergent) has fragrance in it and can actually trigger eczema. Thankfully, in January when the rash started I bought the cheap Free and Clear Purex instead of the expensive Dreft. I did, however, use the Dreft stain remover for time to time. Not anymore. Wanted to pass that along because we were originally told that Dreft was suppose to be good for baby's sensitive skin.

Oh, and her toes are fine. She just has chubby toes and the toenails on her big toes are coming in crooked. It could take several years to even out, but not anything to worry about. Kind of what I thought -- I didn't even Google it before the doctor's appointment.


Monica said...

That's good everything was fine with her toes.
The little girl I watch got a skin infection and the Dr told them to not use the J&J baby bath because that had fragraence in it also. He said to use Aveeno wash instead.

Mel said...
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Mel said...

We cut out all Johnson and Johnson products in Jan. We use just about every Aveeno product out there, now.


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