Sunday, October 5, 2008

Back at it Finally

Two Septembers ago, my husband and I joined a community center so we could workout during the winter months. Well, about one month into it, I had lost about 5 pounds. Not that I was overweight, but I was looking to tone up. Then a month later I gained those 5 pounds back, which was very unusual for me. Turned out I was pregnant. And that was the end of my old shape. I still exercised throughout the pregnancy. I would just walk the track instead of using machines. And my job at the end of the pregnancy was working with a special needs child and walking all around the school with him every day.

I've always been a fairly active person. I spent two summers at a camp in California that was in a rugged redwood forest. We walked everywhere on camp. I would hike the kids down the mountain to the ocean. Took less than an hour to hike down and almost 3 hours to hike back up. Not exactly an easy job with 24 kids. Before that I had worked out three times a week. I danced from the age of 4 through college.

Now 14 months post baby, I am finally getting on the move again. I have worked out 3 times now and am committed to getting back in shape. It sure would be nice to have a pair of pants fit again. I am really only about half a size bigger than I was before, but my shape is a little different. And half a size means I either wear half a size too big (which I've been doing) or half a size too small.

Wednesday -- 25 minutes on the elliptical machine, 10-15 minutes stretching
Saturday -- same
Sunday -- same

Pump up the iPod and go! No excuses. I've had a stiff neck for more than a week. I'm actually hoping that it will help loosen it up.

My goal: To workout as often as I can. Three or more times a week. Now that the baby goes to sleep at 7 p.m. and I am getting so much more sleep than the past two years, I have the stamina to do it. We walked a lot this summer, and I am go, go, go all day long. So my endurance is being built up!

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