Thursday, October 9, 2008

The "F" Word

Okay, so here are a couple problems I'm having with choosing my candidate. None of them answer the questions. I've watched all three debates (two presidential, one vice presidential) and they all dance around the questions. This bothers me because here is their chance to tell us what they think about issues, and they don't answer the questions. Instead they go on and on about something close to the topic (sometimes not even close), and then say what their opponent will do. But they never seem to get around to saying what they will do. And I would like to hear about some other topics besides economy, Iran, energy, and the Maverick. I don't understand why journalists interview Sarah Palin don't demand her to give an answer. I think she's trying to be quoted instead of answering the question. It drives me crazy.

The other problem is that there is so much mud being tossed around that I have no idea who to believe anymore. Just tell me what you will do.

And they most overused phrase for this campaign is the new "f" word "fundamental." Here's the definition for fundamental, in case you were interested. I wish they could figure out a new word to say once in a while.

For the record, I haven't decided yet.

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